Not Your Average Prom Pictures

The New York Mets’ most recent public relations initiative is a prime example of a campaign that is mutually beneficial to the public and a company’s brand.

Explained in an article posted on, the Mets have responded to a loyal fan’s request to take prom pictures with the team. The fan direct messaged the Mets, saying she did not have a date for prom, and the team messaged her back– something that is not usual for them. The catch of the deal, though, was that she had to get 500,000 retweets on Twitter to be able to take pictures with the team, a feat the teen is very close to accomplishing.

This might seem like a regular publicity stunt that a major league team would perform on social media, but I believe this response was more than just an aim to make a fan happy. The Mets get countless amounts of requests like this on an everyday basis, so there had to be more of an incentive to respond to this specific one.

First, the Mets got huge Twitter exposure through this campaign. This type of “how many retweets can I get for you to come to prom with me” request has been highly popular in the past few years. People on Twitter are more than willing to help someone’s dream for one of the most anticipated nights of their lives come true, making these posts go viral quickly.

Second, this makes the Mets look like they really do care for their fans. A baseball team’s strongest means of staying successful is having a solid fanbase. Thus, loyalty to the fans is one of the most essential elements of maintaining that success. When people see their favorite team responding to a teen’s request about taking prom pictures, they can’t help but feel warm inside. Direct communication with such a large organization is rare, so when it happens, it’s special.

Finally, the Mets PR team can take the pictures they will get from this stunt and flood their social media with them, extending the publicity for a few months and creating an even bigger campaign. This is more than just a random response to a Mets fan, this is thought through, planned communication push that does nothing but good for the baseball team.

I’m excited to see how this stunt will pan out, as I assume many other Mets fans and Twitter users are as well. But I am almost entirely positive it will hit a home run with everyone who sees it.


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