Looking to the future

As a public relations major, the questions that always follows my answer to what I’m studying is, “What do you plan on doing with that?” or, “What would be your dream job?”. Honestly, I’m not one to think that far ahead. Especially when it could be several years before I obtain a job I am satisfied with. But goals are important to have, so I guess having a “dream job” in mind could be helpful to me right now.

What I like about the PR field is that it’s so diverse and fast-paced. You never really know what exactly you’re getting into when you decide to go into this career, and that’s exciting for me.

So, for a dream job, I would love to work at a PR agency, such as FleishmanHillard, because the work and the clients are always different. I like the idea of having a steady position at an agency, but having new projects and clients to work for every few weeks. Having the PR writing skills that I’m currently developing now would be extremely helpful for a position at an agency, particularly one that focuses on digital media. full-color-logo.jpg

Since I was little I have always dreamed of working for the Cardinals, too. I love the team and have grown up watching them, so doing some sort of public relations or marketing for them would also be a dream come true.

With regards to blogging, press release writing, writing for social media, and feature writing, I can genuinely say that I enjoy each type. Of course, with blogging and social media writing, there’s a little bit more room for creativity and ability to play with different formats. On the other hand, press release writing is strict and straightforward, which can be nice if you would like to take a break from thinking creatively. Feature writing is good a mix of both. There’s the certain structure to a story that needs to be present, but the subject and the delivery can be varied.

For a creative person, writing a press release might seem like a difficult task. But for a person who likes order and getting straight to the point, it may seem easy. I would say in general, though, the limitations that each type of writing has is the hardest part about them. The rules and guidelines to follow can pose a challenge, but I’m certain that I’m willing to take on anything challenge my future might hold for me.


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