The Shequality Project

PR Council’s initiative, the Shequality Project, is encouraging women in the public relations field to seek more executive positions at PR agencies. The project was started by a group of female board members of the PR Council, and is, “committed to seeing more women achieve success by sharing the tools, knowledge and pathways to help them reach career goals.” Talk about girl power.

I’m all for empowering women, so this project immediately sparked my interest. What is interesting about the PR field is that it is heavily dominated by women, yet very few hold executive positions, and none are CEOs. That just doesn’t make much sense to me.

I think this initiative could be very helpful for women in the PR field to become leaders. Through networking dinners, workshops, events and content created to raise awareness of inequality in the PR industry, this project will not only equip women with more valuable skills to rise in position but also make more people aware of the topic itself.

I like that the PR Council is including multimedia components this campaign. It makes it more interactive and easier to be a part of. The video created for this project is very helpful if one wants to quickly understand what Shequality is about. It’s simple, informative and the facts given are shocking.

In addition, the PR Council started a podcast for this project, called the “Shequality Podcast,” that includes various women leaders discussing topics of equality in the workplace. Podcasts are rising in popularity, so this was definitely a smart move to expand this campaign’s reach and make people more interested in learning about the project.

Is it hard to know if this project will actually help women gain more executive positions at PR agencies? Sure, because if there is a change in leadership, it’s not guaranteed to be because of this campaign.

That being said, this project cannot do harm. Informing people of the facts, encouraging women to advance their careers and spreading the idea of equality are actions that are certainly not going to hurt anyone.

In my opinion, I think the Shequality Project will help with gender inequality in this industry. Even if the initiative encourages just one woman to become a top leader of her PR agency, this project will be successful. Overall, the message is clear, powerful and supportive. So hopefully it will be one that is passed down for generations.


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